Drafting of Bill of Cost


Anthony Wilton Thinane Inc. focuses on drafting legal bills, attending taxations, administering legal collection as well as rendering legal advice on legal costs to legal firms (attorneys) and the public sector.

Through intensive experience the company can provide efficient services which always guarantees our clients satisfaction.

With experience in legal cost, the company operations are different from other practices. We have specialised experience and expertise in all legal costs, helping the company deal with the many challenges in legal costs.

Many attorneys and legal cost consultants struggle to run their day-to-day operations because of this lack of expertise, however Anthony Wilton Thinane Inc. have all the expertise under one roof.

We provide the following services:

  • Drafting Legal Cost bills (both Magistrate Court & High Court) (Plaintiff & Panel)
  • Attending Taxation in Court (Presenting and Opposing).
  • Administering Legal Costs Collection
  • Rendering Legal Advice on legal costs.

Keeping Records:

The primary record keeping functions which will need control and supervision in this business are handling of each client’s file, customer service and pricing.

Upon receiving a file, each file will be allocated to a person to handle and the reference will be supplied to the client in order to communicate with the relevant person handling it and our aim to is to establish a well-endowed working relationship with our client in all times.

Our pricing is open to negotiations in exceptional circumstances; however, we charge normal rates as follows.

High court matters:

  • 10% for drawing fee
  • 10% for attending taxation
  • 10% of the savings on opposing taxation

Magistrate court matter:

  • 5% for drawing fee
  • 5% for attending taxation
  • 5% for opposing taxation

Other matters

  • 2% on legal opinion/advice on both magistrate & high court matters


We will work on each file and give response to the client timeously (withing 5 working days) and same response on the urgent matters. We have established a feedback mechanism which we will always send to clients regarding the progress of each matter we are handling.

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